We are specialized in Designing and Manufacturing of customized and existing machines and equipment. Upgrading the process flow and Re-Engineering machine spare parts.


We are pleased to introduce SRN Mechanical Services LLC as one of the prestigious company located in UAE. We are committed to manufacturing excellence. Our vision of manufacturing products with high quality,flexibility a...

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Delivering Innovation Goals

SRN Mechanical Services LLC is committed to provide high quality products and services, which fully meet the specification or even exceed expectations of the customers. We fabricate / manufacture top quality products and never compromise on the same. It is our endeavor & responsibility to achieve customer satisfaction by maintaining the required quality standards, timely delivery of products and services through planning, teamwork and continuous improvement.


In addition also we have facility to analyze the discontinuity or cracks or the component using Dye Penetration (DP), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPA) and Ultrasonic Inspection (UT). This will be carry out depend on the customer demand.